My Bento Gear & Storage

Now that I finally have quite the bento collection, I feel as though I can really post a Bento Gear & Storage post. My last one... well, I had just started and I guess was really a waste of blog space. If you read it, I'm sorry! HaHa!

{Keep in mind this current house is temporary so this will all change come February!}

First ill start with my drawer:

This holds my 2 egg molds, my Hello Kitty rice mold, EasyLunchboxes dipping cups and Goodbyn dipping cups, silicone cupcake cups, My Square Meal lunch box, cloth napkins, a baggie of "special" picks (Something my Bento Bloggers & Friends group is working on) and a baggie with my silicon baran and soy sauce bottles.

Next is my cabinet:

This space holds everything else.

Such as:
Top row from left: A small stack of other miscellaneous boxes, my mountain (I actually have more whats pictured... I heart them!) of EasyLunchboxes, My ELB lids and 2 pink Goodbyn Byntos, and...
My holiday bucket.

This holds all my holiday cutters, picks and silicone cups.

Bottom row from left: My ELB cooler bags and miscellaneous bottles (Crocodile Creek & Goodbyn).
Stacked from bottom up: My sandwich cutters, picks, mini picks and mini cutters.

My sandwich cutters include FunBites, The Lunch Punch, Evriholder
CuteZCute and a couple regular cutters.

The big holder is for my regular sized picks, top is for my mini picks.

And finally my mini shape cutters, face/arm cutters and alphabet cutters.

Oh, and don't forget my background paper up against the side!

I tried providing as many links to the products as I could but if I missed anything, please ask me and Ill try to get you a link or tell you where I bought them. 

As always you can find gathered picture links in my Bento Supplies page.

Hope you enjoyed the peak into my toys bento supplies!

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  1. Wow that's amazing! I wish I had that much! I don't have much and yet mine is a lot messier haha