A Look Into My {Bento} Future

Tomorrow is a big day for us! 
Callie has been fighting some rashes for the past few months so we 
have a 4 hour round trip to a pediactric dermatologist. 
Hopefully we come home with some answers!

I made her a lunch of crackers, turkey, cornchips and an apple.
(She's 2 and never has much of an appettite) 

This was the first time I used this box (from my last bento shipment) and 
I was excited to have a bag that it fit into perfectly.

Making bento lunches for Audrey & Raeleigh isn't anything new. 
They have crackers, turkey, BBQ chips, watermelon balls and some fruit snacks.
(Gogurt and milk not pictured)

Jonathan is going to my SIL's. I thought while I was already making
 lunches for the other 3, I'd make one for him too!
He has crackers, turkey, goldfish original, watermelon balls, gogurt and fruit snacks.

This is actually the first time Ive ever made all 4 kids a bento lunch at the same time
(usually the babies just eat off of paper plates at home).
With what I saw, I realized this is my bento future!

And Im quite pleased with it! :)

I used: