My busy weekend!

What an eventful weekend for me...

First... Audrey came up to me one day this week and showed me a spot on her knee. It looked just like a pimple. I told her not to mess with it and it would heal on its own. On friday night she shows me this and says it itches, is sore to touch and hurts when she puts weight on her leg...

Now because my friend in high school got bit by a Brown Recluse spider (she ended up having surgery to remove the infected skin and had to pack it with gauze until it healed) it caused me to do a lot of research on it over the years, I instantly knew that's what it was. So off to the ER we went. After 3 hours there (of course they were busy), we got a confirmation on my fears. The dr said because I caught it so quickly, all she needed to do was take antibiotics to kill the infection. The bite itself would heal on its own. After 2 days of medicine, it looks better.

Thankfully she didn't have to go through what my friend did and will of course be perfectly fine.

UPDATE: Turns out this was not a spider bite. Just an ingrown hair or something that got infected. I think the ER dr was in such a hurry... he just agreed with my suspicions, prescribed some antibiotics and sent us on our way. 
Then I come home to my dog having contractions. 
After a few hours of labor/delivery, our home added 5 puppies.
3 boys, 2 girls
It was a very hard delivery. All but 1 of the puppies were breech. Chanel (my dog) had trouble delivering almost all of them which left the delivering to my husband and I. 
In the end, all 5 puppies came out alive and healthy. 
All is well now!

I hope all of your weekends was as memorable as mine! :)


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