My New Year Project

This post is long with lots of pictures.

My main resolution this year is to get and stay organized. With a family of 6 its almost a necessity in order to stay sane. I was reading one of my favorite organizing blogs ( and ran into what she calls a Household Binder. I immediately fell in love, knowing it would help with my organize everything goal. The next day I went to my local wal*mart and bought the supplies, put it together that night.
Here's what I came up with:


 The built in inside pocket I use for bills due.
I have a pencil pouch that holds my hole punch, highlighters & calculator.

 My first page is a week at a glance. Tells me real quick whats going on that week.

 My tabs: Calendar, Cleaning Schedule, Finances, Auto/House Maintenance, 
Goals, Important numbers, Menu Planning, & Coupons.

Calendar tab has a full year calendar...

Followed by a monthly for birthdays/anniversary's. (left)
And then each month has a full calendar for detailed info. (right)

Cleaning Schedule tab has a daily, monthly, and yearly checklist.

Finances tab has a list of what we plan to pay each payday (not pictured) and a checklist.

Auto/Home Maintenance has a sheet for each vehicle to write down anything we do to the car. 

And a home maintenance checklist.

In the Goals tab I have a list of to-do things (repaint house, redo shed, build dog fence, etc).
(not pictured)

Important Numbers is for numbers we call often but don't have memorized (vet, dr office, etc).

Menu Planning has a sheet that I write down what were having to eat each meal for each day.

Coupons tab... I will be getting some baseball card holders for them and some sheet protectors to keep sale ads in. That's not done yet, so no picture. I'm having a hard time finding the baseball card holders.

*If you guys would like link to the pages I used just let me know and Ill add them to the post. Otherwise I'm not going to make it any longer than it already is. :)


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