My New Years Goals

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1) Be more organized, financially and just in general.
(Our next purchase is a desk.)

2) Stop eating so much fast food. 
(I feel bad for "poising" my children.)

3) Start (and finish, ha!) some home improvement remodeling on our home. 
(We need another bedroom, possibly bathroom too. These 4 kids are going to get big fast, we need more living space.)

4) Have family night every Tuesday. 
(Play games and eat McDonalds together.)
I know that sounds funny because it contradicts goal #2. I plan for that to be the only time we eat out (besides special occasions) and that night happens to be McDs family night as well. That means awesome deals!

5) Hmm, don't be surprised if you check back and there's more! My mind went blank. :)

But while I'm thinking about the rest of mine...

What are yours?


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