Wordless Wednesday! {Bento Style}

So this is probably going to be more wordfull than wordless. :)

My lunch packing storage.
(Got the idea to share mine from Bent On Better Lunches. One day mine will be as big as hers!)

My top drawer is for little things
(picks, egg molds, silicone/paper liners, etc)
My second drawer is for my sandwich shapers.
 (Lunch Punch and various cookie cutters)

The third drawer is
just for my Easylunchboxes.

This is the last drawer, I use it
for other lunch items I rarely use

And these are the four drawers along with the  Easylunchbox cooler she
plans to use on top of the toaster (she has a pink one too).

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  1. I've never even been to your house, yet I get my own special drawer?? Way cool! So honored Lindsey :)

  2. Great start! Thanks for the shout out!