5 Question Friday!

Linked with 5 Crooked Halos.

1. Do you apologize to your kids if you're wrong?
Yes, i would expect them to do as well.

2. Do you have a class ring, Letterman's jacket, or similar obscenely priced high school "must have"?
I have a class ring, I keep it on my keychain so I wont loose it. Thank goodness Ive never lost my keys... yet.

3. If you could be one age for the rest of your life, what age would you choose?
I think Ill stick with where Im at now (27).

4. What is your favorite (unused) baby name?
Wow, Im not sure.

5. If you could make your child like something what would it be?
That they liked (no.. love) ALL kinds of foods. (My oldest is really picky).
Oh and that they love to pick up after themselves :)


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