Ramblings & Wordless Wednesday

Wow have I been slacking. I do sort-of have an excuse :)
My boy jonathan has been sick. Was up off & on all night saturday night, then at 530am sunday morning hubby and I decided he was having a little too much trouble breathing so he took him to the ER. Turns out he has RSV with a little pneumonia (did i spell that right?). He has a lot of medicines to take which he isnt liking. In the mornings its his antibiotic, his steroid, an albuterol treatment followed by a pulmicort treatment. Afternoon calls for another anibiotic and an albuterol treatment. Evening is another antibiotic and both nebulizer treatments. (sigh) Inbetween all these medications Im trying to keep him away from the baby and sanitizing everything he touches. And just a little FYI, Its not working.. callie is starting to cough. Dr appointment for her is booked! Although jonathan IS getting better! Yay!!

Another thing that is taking time away from my blog is my new scentsy buisness. Im really excited about it. Hoping I do well!! (crossing fingers)

Well, thats pretty much it. Here comes my wordless/wordfull wednesday pic..

* My favorite flower!! *

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  1. Hi,

    I hope your boy is feeling much better now. I have been missing for a while too. I wanted to hop by to thank you for stopping by, and following, me. I am back now, and following you back!


  2. Aww, sorry to hear your kiddo was sick. Hope he's healthy now and that no one else in the house got sick.