So i have decided to finally update you all on what has happened in my life since i left.

1) Introducing Callie! Born 8/18/10. She was 7lbs 1oz. I was blessed with easy pregnancys and deliverys so, being my 4th also, she was easy. Although she did have jaundice, as did all of mine, so shes on her bili-bed here at the hospital.

2) We bought and moved into our first "real" home. Im excited to really personalize it as we have plans for it. Expect to see it on here, probably starting this spring. Such as:
*planting a flower garden in my plant bed in the front yard.
*planting a veggie and fruit garden.
*building a deck
*and eventually building a privacy fence.

3) Im getting to where im tired of making the same things for dinner. So ive decided to try a new recipe every week. They will be posted here as well. Not sure on a name yet.. maybe New Recipe Tuesday??? If you have any good but kid friendly recipes, please feel free to share!

I know ive been gone for almost a year and its sad that i can only think of 3 things thats different. But then again im also in the middle of feeding 4 hungry kids lunch! :) Heres hoping to a good and exciting rest of 2011!

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  1. Aww, she's adorable... congratulations! Congrats on the new house too. Very exciting changes! :)