The Sunday Post

So Im not usually a fan of sundays. Its usually the day the hubby leaves for work. Sad, Sad but I guess life goes on.

This weekend i hit the halfway mark (20 wks) of my pregnancy. Yay!

Easter was today, we had a good one besides the hubby leaving.

Heres the girls dying eggs...

...while jonathan enjoys a sucker.

Ive been trying to feed the kids healthier lunches. Ive been doing good during the week but the hubby seems to be a distraction on weekends. ;) Im really hoping to win a set of the easy lunch box system on an awesome new blog im following (wisconsin mommy), that would make it easier and fun! Try for yourself here.

and the
easy lunchboxes site

Well, heres to hoping the week goes by fast. Talk to you all soon!


  1. thanks for entering my giveaway and posting my button. Good Luck!

    ps love the belly shots.

  2. awww...cute mommy belly! and your little ones are adorable! your blog is great! i really like the idea of your healthier lunches for the kids too. i am following from MBC. Visit me if you'd like at