The Sunday Post

Since i always post on a sunday, i think i need a neat name for them.. i'll start thinking about that!
This week was pretty fast, thank god! I (well, "we") live for the weekends, thats when daddy comes home and all the fun stuff happens. In no way do i wish to rush my children's childhood but i look forward to the craziness of after school activities of my (soon to be) 4 kids. It'll make the weeks go a little faster i think.
We had a nice day at the park on Saturday. We ate lunch there and the kids played. Nothing too exciting this weekend. We (just the hubby and i)are planning to go to the cardinals game on may 22nd. We're excited about that. Hes never been to a game before and its been a long time for me.
Im really wanting to do a giveaway. Whats a good first giveaway? Ive been thinking about that.. let me know if you have any ideas.
Well i have an early doctor appointment in the morning. Off to bed.

** by the way, i do plan to start doing more posts during the week, some day ;) **

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