Healthy Changes

My kids have a habit of snacking all day and then when I make lunch/dinner, they don't want to eat it. Then when it's time for bed they want to eat. I'm vowing to make some changes. Another thing I'm going to change is the whole bedtime thing. It takes me at least an hour to get them to sleep, sometimes 2 or 3. What I have planned is a schedule or routine. They eat at a certain time and they go to bed at a certain time, with no exceptions (unless they're sick or we're not home or something).
Another thing I'm working on is healthier food. We eat out almost all weekend. I love looking at websites that have pictures of lunches (check out she has awesome and healthy pictures on there. i plan to purchase the system soon by the way). If you know of any other websites, let me know. I will also be posting pics of the lunches I feed my kids. I guess I'll go ahead and make it a tuesday thing. Hmm now i need a neat name for it.
So here comes the pics...

^^^^^*peanut butter sandwich on wheat, apple slices, cheez-it's mixed with raisins and some easter candy*

^^^^^*peanut butter sandwich on wheat, raisins, pretzels, and apple slices*

^^^^^* my version of a lunchable- ritz crackers, turkey, cheese, apple slices, raisins and pretzels*

I know these could be healthier but it's a good start from where we were. Also, i've done more but forgot to take the pics. I told my 4.5 year old to start reminding me, haha. Ah ha, I got it... Tasty Tuesdays!!

~Oh yeah.. I also plan to start doing menu planning weekly. That will be called Menu Monday. Anyone have any suggestions, i'm all ears :)


  1. Hi Lindsey! I'm visiting from the party. I've got some giveaways going. Party post!

  2. Try - they have some great information ... and if you can't purchase the easy lunch boxes...try winning them...just do a search for easy lunch box giveaway's. :) From one wanna be healthy mama to another - Good Job...the changes you are making are powerful!