Happy New Year!

Hello all!
So sorry I've been absent.
The last few months have been CrAzY (haha, pun intended) busy with college, the 4 kids, housework, my part-time job and hubby's trucking schedule. But I promise to be back real soon.

I've got some awesome giveaways coming so stay tuned!
A hint? Ok...

That's it! I'm not saying anything else!
 ...As if those don't give it away :) HaHa
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See you all in 2014!!!

Frightful Fall Blog Hop!

Fall is upon us (at least in Missouri) and Halloween is coming! So to celebrate, the members of BBF are bringing together 3 spooky days of Fall and Halloween lunches.

A little closer look...

Ham sandwich (w/candy eyes)
Pumpkin cake
String cheese ghosts 
Boiled egg ghost (w/candy eyes)
Baby carrots
Marshmallow ghost

I hope you all have a frightful fall AND Halloween!
Come back soon!

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Lovable Labels Spooktacular Weekend Coupon!

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, then you'll recall a review and giveaway I did for Lovable Labels. (If you're new here, Welcome! You can read that post HERE).
I still to this day use them on everything!
Most recently: the girls' water bottles for school, picture frames, and of course.. new lunch boxes.
In honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday and their super cute new Halloween labels,
they're offering a SPOOKTACULAR weekend coupon!
With your online order of $25 or more (before taxes and shipping) you will save $10!!
Ends September 22, 2013 at 11:59pm PST.
Hurry, visit www.lovablelabels.ca now for yours!


Starting today, I'm going to post once a week showing the lunches I packed for that past week. My college classes changed last week and now I'm attending a full day, plus I started a part time job yesterday. With four kids and my trucker husbands crazy schedule, my life is even crazier! HA! :)
So every Saturday, expect a post full of lunch pictures!
Bologna sandwich, Funny Face Dried Cranberries, and Ritz chips.
Packed in LunchBlox.

Ham slices, great-grandmas homemade pickles, carrots w/ranch, bbq chips.
Packed in Goodbyn Bynto.

Ham slices, pretzels, half  an Italian French bread slice, carrots w/ranch.
Packed in EasyLunchboxes.

Turkey heart sandwiches, green grapes with Funny Face Dried cranberries, bbq chips, jolly rancher.
Packed in EasyLunchboxes.
I usually let them buy once a week.
{{{The schools menu doesn't seem too bad, they have 3 choices; one of them is always a salad.}}}
Friday is pizza day (Raeleigh's favorite, Audrey usually gets the salad.)
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Back to School!

I love this time of year!
Back to School means...
turning leaves, crisp air, cooler weather, FALL in general, holidays, better schedules and routines, and daily lunch packing are near!
My favorite lunches to make are holiday related, BTS included.
Here's the first...
Bologna sandwich
Carrots w/Ranch (in MiniDipper)
Fruit snacks

Back to School- Starter Kit Giveaway!

 **Giveaway Closed**
I'm so excited to offer this giveaway!
All the products are supplies I actually have/use, and are my lunch packing must haves!
First, I must give a huge THANK YOU to the sponsors of this giveaway:
EasyLunchboxes, BentoUSA/All Things for Sale/Cute-Z-Cute, & MOMables.
Prize Package:

$55 Value!

1) Easylunchboxes "Classic'' 4-pack:
Our favorite lunch boxes! #1 on Amazon with free shipping!
FDA approved. Microwave and dishwasher safe!
No BPA, PVC, Phthalates, lead or vinyl.  
2) Easylunchboxes cooler bag:
Machine washable. Lots of ways to personalize!
Don't forget about their "Brights" set and the mini-dippers!
3) Three pick sets from Bento USA/All Things for Sale:
My bento supply superstore!
All three sets are school related.
Get everything from lunch boxes, picks, food cutters, molds, and other supplies.
4) Cute-Z-Cute:
Also from BentoUSA/All Things for Sale.
All-in-one bento tool. One side cuts, the other stamps.
The possibilities are endless!
5) Three month subscription to MOMables:
Don't know what to pack? Need some lunch packing inspiration? MOMables has your back!
Subscriptions comes with lunch ideas, printable lists, recipe's (with pictures), tips and more!
Gluten free, nut free, and vegetarian options available!
Click here for a free week.

Good Luck!

FunBites- Triangles Review & Giveaway

*Giveaway Closed*
Besides the lunchbox, one of the most important tools in making lunch fun is the cutter.
Whether it's for a sandwich, fruit, vegetables, lunchmeat, pancakes... these cutters do it all!
While the FunBites line has a few other cutters (green squares, red or purple hearts)...
in this post, we'll be talking about the new orange triangle cutter.
This cutter makes: 10 triangles, 2 big and 8 small.
These cutters are extremely easy to use!
L: Press outside piece onto item, rock side-to-side
M: Lift outside piece up while pushing plunger down
R: Result
The lunches:
In this lunch I used the FunBites Triangle cutter to make ham sandwich stackers.
Included are Naturebox's BBQ corn nuts and a boiled egg.
In this lunch I was a little creative and used the FunBites
Triangle cutter to make an open faced bologna boat.
Included are pretzels, a boiled egg and some trix cereal to make the water and sun. 
And now, on to the Giveaway!
One lucky Crazy? Maybe! reader will win a FunBites Triangle cutter for themselves!